Xerophytes garden and landscaping

Xerophytes is the correct name for those plants that have developed different strategies which allow them to survive in extreme heat and dry conditions. This group includes cactus, succulent plants, and many other species:

  • Succulence: from the latin word sucus meaning juice or sap, are leaves stems or roots which have a fleshy, even gelatinous tissue that store water collected during rain periods 
    2017-11-21 16.21.56.jpg
  • Thornes: shap formations of foliar origin or modified branches that were reduce to spines
    2017-11-21 15.39.32-1.jpg
  • Curly leaves to reduce evapotranspiration surface
    Quercus coccifera is a mediterranean specie originally from Spain and the Balearic islands      En: http://www.redjaen.es/
  • Presence of hair and wax to reduce foliar temperature
  • Stomatal sensitivity which allows plants to maintaine stomas closed during the day if the soil is too dry
  • Deep root system to increase water absortion
  • Reduction in leave size and flatter organs to reduce solar incidence
    2017-11-21 15.38.47.jpg

In big cities like Los Angeles water availability is complicated and drought has being present several times during the last decade, therefore the need to increase healthy soil areas which could absorb and retain water, flora and fauna is beyond necessary and must be done carefully, designing nursing environments that will require minimun resources to grow and develope. Xerophytes are perfect guests to achieve these purposes!

2017-11-21 15.38.00.jpg
Xerophites garden, Gardena city, Los Angeles California, november 2017.   By MAE-tierra
Water system: mud pots
Specially design to transmit water slowly in relation to the soil saturation this mud pots are an ancient technology amazing for a low maintainance garden, just fill the pots from time to time!

Gardena city, Los Angeles California, installed on march 2016, photos november 2017.

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